Our Chef Says To Do These Things When Shopping For Father's Day Steaks

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Father's day is coming up! Grilling steaks is a favorite activity, so here are some tips from our chef, Nick Carter, about how the pros shop for quality meats.

The Store Matters.

Buy from a quality butcher shop or a high-end grocer. The knowledge of the butcher behind the counter will help you pick the right and the quality of meat will be much higher. Cheap meat is chewy.

Know The Goal

If the goal is tenderness, go for beef tenderloin or rib cap steaks. If the goal is flavor, go for sirloin, ribeye, or strip.

Don't get fooled by marketing.

Just because you haven't heard of a particular cut doesn't mean it isn't legit. The beef industry has pushed certain cuts through grocers for efficiency purposes, not necessarily for flavor purposes. A good butcher will help you find less-common cuts that are 1) potentially cheaper and 2) more flavorful!

Look for marbling.

Just like it sounds, lines of fat throughout the meat, called marbling, gives the cut of steak more flavor. Look for it when you buy!

Don't ignore the grade.

Prime, Choice, Select - what do they mean? The USDA established grading guidelines a while back. Prime is the best, but hard to find. Usually Choice is a good bet. Avoid Select.

These tips will help you choose the best steaks for your Father's Day cookout!

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