No Contracts – No Hassle – Fresh Artistry


   How is Fresh Artistry different?

   Family Mission:
   • Reclaim dinner + spend time with family.
   No Subscriptions
   • Fresh Artistry is the only meal kit service without subscriptions of any kind.
   Local Focus:
   • We are a local company with a local focus.
   • We source local ingredients when possible and only deliver to Indiana to maximize freshness.
   More Options:
   • Customize your order with your choice of meat, the number of kits, and the option to add extra produce.


  Will I be locked into a contract?

   • Absolutely not! Order what you want, when you want.


   How do I purchase a Gift Card??

   • The best part about food is sharing it with friends and family.
   • To purchase a gift card please visit: https://www.freshartistry.com/gift-cards/


   Where do you deliver?

   • Everywhere in Indiana.


   When do you deliver?

   • Choose between Tuesday and Friday delivery.
   • Order Thursday by midnight for Tuesday delivery.
   • Order Monday by midnight for Friday delivery.


  What if I am not at home to accept the delivery?

   • Our boxes include enough insulation and ice packs to keep food cold and safe all day.
   • We add additional ice packs in the warmer months for added safety.


   How much does delivery cost?

   Order Price:
   • Over $59.99:                Free shipping!
   • From $35 to $59.99:   $7.99
   • Under $35:                  $9.99


   Will my groceries stay fresh for the week?

   • We source our ingredients locally when possible to ensure freshness.
   • All ingredients should stay fresh for at least a week.
   • We recommend freezing the meat at time of delivery to maximize the shelf life.


   Where do you get your recipes?

   • Our in-house chef Nick Carter develops meals that are nutritious and easy to prepare.


   What do I do with all of these packaging components?

   • We provide return postage periodically for you to return your box, box liners, and freezer gel packs.
   • We clean/sanitize them, then reuse them.
   • It reduces our landfill footprint, saves you storage space, and saves us money. Win, win, win.