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Weekly Menu for October 23

Familiar recipes taken up a notch. Local meats and poultry from Midwestern farms.

Fresh Artistry brings local producers to your table.

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How The Service Works



Choose Your Recipes

  • Menu of 6 recipes changes each week.
  • Midwestern comfort food menu designed by Chef Nick Carter of Indianapolis.


Choose Size, Delivery, Add-Ons

  • 2-Plate ($9.99 per plate).
  • 4-Plate ($7.50 per plate).
  • Select your delivery date.


All Ingredients Are Delivered.

  • Pre-chopped fresh produce for no hassle cooking.
  • Portioned spices for no waste.
  • 30 minute prep.


What is Fresh Artistry?

Fresh Artistry is a service that delivers locally designed recipes and fresh, proportioned ingredients to your home. Fresh Artistry helps you make chef-grade meals for your family without the hassle.

I want easy. Can you do easy?

Yes! Once you set up your account, you just sit back and watch spectacular recipes show up on your doorstep. We'll select 3 recipes per week for you. Would you rather customize your menu? You have total control. We change our menu of 7 recipes every week and you can login and customize each delivery. There's a Sunday-midnight deadline to customize your menu for the week.

How is Fresh Artistry Delivered?

Your delivery arrives in an insulated box with refrigerated gel packs via a delivery service (local courier or FedEx). If you're not home when it arrives, no problem. We include enough refrigerant to last overnight on your porch without issue.

Who is our ideal customer?

We designed Fresh Artistry for the busy household who wants an easy way to eat exceptional, fresh, nutritious meals around the table at home. We fully buy in to the idea that meals are best shared with each other, so we built a service that helps you do that.

How frequent is Fresh Artistry's service?

We deliver once per week with 3 recipes per box. We studied a group of Indiana families to test this out. On average, the families we asked ate at home 5.1 times per week and the 2-person households we asked ate at home 4 times per week. We figure 2 times per week are either leftovers, pizza, or "get dinner on your own." We want to help with the remaining 3 times per week when you want to eat together.

Are your meals prepared?

No. We value the freshness and ingredient control of cooking. BUT, we are extremely sensitive to convenience. We target our recipes to 30 minutes start-to-finish because we are well aware that our customers want to look like a master chef to their family without time-consuming prep on the front end. Many of our fresh vegetables come pre-chopped, our spices pre-blended, and our recipes simplified and tested. Krista over at Everyday Mom's Meals wrote a blog post that outlines what we're talking about here.

How did you choose your pricing?

Our 2-serving plan is $19.99 per meal ($59.97 per box of 3 recipes). We chose this pricing because it's nestled right between the price you might pay going out to eat (higher) and the price you'd pay getting your food from the grocery and doing everything yourself. We add value by delivering ingredients to you, organizing all the ingredients for you, and helping you experience the expertise of our chef. Once you taste our dishes, we're confident you'll be hooked.

Our family plan is $29.99 per meal ($89.97 per box of 3 recipes) and feeds 2 adults and 2-3 kids. We targeted $5-6 per serving. Our research told us that a family of five might spend $150-$200 per week on groceries, so we wanted to fit into that budget. While there are cheaper ways to feed your family, there isn't any way easier to get a fresh, chef-grade meal on the table at home.

What kind of commitment are we talking about?

No commitment. We designed our service based on the quickly crystallizing industry standard of regular-but-flexible billing. Your deliveries will continue to arrive until you change your plan status. We don't monkey around by making it hard to cancel. We know you'll stick with us if we provide value to you and provide superior service. No gimmicks. All you have to do to cancel is login to your account and select the "pause" or "cancel" button.

What do I do with all of these packaging components? Do you recycle?

Yes. We provide return postage periodically for you to return your box, box liners, and freezer gel packs. We clean/sanitize them, then reuse them. It reduces our landfill footprint, saves you storage space, and saves us money. Win, win, win.

Do you have gluten-free, vegetarian, or dairy-free menus?

We often include menu options that meet the criteria of specialized diets but we don't have dedicated menus at this time. We've received many requests for them so we're looking at how to do that.

Tell me about your ingredients.

We read a lot of labels. Let's start with our meat. We source Indiana-grown beef and poultry through Moody's Butcher Shop. No hormones, preservatives or antibiotics are added, ever. 

Our produce is frequently organic, local when possible, and always fresh. It's restaurant grade.

We are developing relationships with area farmers. We're new, so it takes time, but we're working on it. Our vision is to provide a consumer-reaching conduit for regional farmers to get their production directly to you through our lens of chef-grade cooking and low-waste purchasing. Our expertise adds value on the consumer side and their expertise adds value on the farm side. Join us as we keep moving forward.

Who started this company?

The founder of the company is Tom Blessing. He's an IU grad and grew up in West Lafayette, which doesn't make sense at all. Tom lives in Carmel, Indiana. After school, he moved out east for a job in New York City, where he ate way too much restaurant food and felt terrible. After wishing a service existed that would help him cook fresh meals quickly and easily at home, he quit his job, moved back to the motherland, and started Fresh Artistry.

Joining Tom on Fresh Artistry's management team is Brian Carriger and Chef Nick Carter of Indianapolis and Carmel, respectively. 

Where To Buy Retail Recipes

This Week's In-Store Menu

Find us in the Grab n Go cooler at the front of the store!

Find us in the Grab n Go cooler at the front of the store!

Fresh Artistry's retail recipes can be found at the following supermarket locations:

Marsh Supermarkets

8766 East 96th Street, Fishers, IN 46037
2140 East 116th Street, Carmel, IN 46032
843 East Main Street, Brownsburg, IN 46112
10679 North Michigan Road, Zionsville, IN 46077
14450 Mundy Drive, Noblesville, IN 46060
5151 East 82nd Street, Indianapolis, IN 46250
8031 Madison Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46227
1960 East Greyhound Pass, Carmel, IN 46033
5830 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN 46278
227 West Michigan Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204
320 North New Jersey Street, Indianapolis, IN 46204

Fresh Artistry's home delivery service reaches the entire state of Indiana.

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Shop Now

  • Great for first time customers.
  • Includes free shipping and a basic box of 3 recipes.
  • No commitment from week to week.
  • Easy one click ordering.
  • Access to add-ons, including extra meats, fresh produce, steak upgrades, and extra recipes.

Find Fresh Artistry single recipes in the Prepared Foods department at selected Marsh Supermarket stores!

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