Choose Your Menu

Our Indianapolis-based chef designs an exquisite menu each week. We send you all the fresh, proportioned ingredients to cook a restaurant-grade meal in 30-40 minutes.


Skip The Grocery Store

Save time and frustration with weekly deliveries to your home. All recipe ingredients are included: fresh produce, herbs, spices, oils, chicken, beef, or fish.


Reduce Food Waste & Cost For Small Households

We send you only what you need for each recipe. Fresh Artistry helps you avoid unnecessary bulk purchases at the store and the money wasted when food goes bad before you use it all.


Control Your Ingredients

Fresh Artistry helps you understand what you're eating. Most of our ingredients are whole, so you see exactly what goes into your meal and can control what foods you eat. Transparency and sourcing are important to us. We include local ingredients where possible and support local agriculture.